Limited Workshops Open Again!

We’ve once again opened out limited workshops, so people can sign up by adding them to their personal Sched. You can read how to do so on our Event Schedule page. Please note that if you had already signed up before the workshops re-opened, you will need to do so again!

Here are direct links to the two cosplay related workshops endorsed by

Here are direct links to the Art Feedback workshops endorsed by The Animation Workshop. Please note that each feedback workshop lasts an hour, and that you can be up to two people at the same time, but each person can only sign up for 1 of the below times:

Official Statement Concerning Sleep Halls

Drawn by Fei Huang

Drawn by Fei Huang

There have been many questions surrounding sleep halls this year; our sincerest apologies for the delays in information regarding the matter.

We ourselves have had many difficulties getting information about possible sleep hall locations and later approval for those places. However, we’ve finalized our sleep hall procedures, and have collected all the practical information in this post:

This year we have two locations:

  1. Marie Kruse Skole, which has 200 guests spots spread across a few medium sized sports halls, and is a 5 minute walk away from Farum Arena
  2. Stenvadhallen, which has 400 guest spots in a single major hall, and is a 12 minute walk away.

The first 200 tickets sold is for Marie Kruse and the last 400 is for Stenvadhallen, and they are noted as such on Billetto. People will be directed to the sleeping hall they have a valid ticket for, and will get a spot there in the order they arrive. If you want to sleep together in a group, and you all have tickets to the same sleeping hall, we request that you check in together.

Due to new fire-safety regulations, we’ve regretfully lost all the smaller classrooms we’ve had previous years, and it is therefore not possible for us to accommodate people’s wishes for more private sleeping areas. The best thing we can provide, is the outer edges and corners of the sleeping hall, which we will try to accommodate on a first come first serve basis, upon you arrival. You stand a better chance of this, if you have a ticket for Marie Kruse, but we cannot offer any guarantees.

It is possible for guests to swap sleep hall tickets with each other, but we ask that you do so without Genki’s involvement. Simply exchange tickets by mail, as we do not look at who originally bought the ticket, only that the ticket you have when you check in is valid.

The sleep halls will be closed on Saturday from 11:30 am to 07:00 pm, but we will arrange a trip at around 03:00 pm, where you can pick up or drop off stuff. In medical emergencies, e.g. if you’ve forgotten medicine, please contact the info desk, and we will figure something out.

We hope you look forward to an enjoyable con, and don’t forget to actually sleep!

Meet: Mirko Di Franco

Photo courtesy of Mirko Di Franco

Photo courtesy of Mirko Di Franco

Expo Hall expands with another guest of honour: Italian-born manga artist Mirko Di Franco!

Those of you who follow web-manga may know him as the artist of Soul Gain, authored by Reon Merryweather.

Mirko will be spending the weekend in the Artist Alley section of the Expo Hall, drawing through-out the entire weekend, so you have a chance to see his art gradually come to life.

To Read more about Mirko, go to this page for his full bio.

Genki 2015

When: July 31 to August 2
Where: Farum Arena
Prices: Prices are available on our ticket page

The convention opens Friday at 12:00 and closes Sunday at 18:00.

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