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US (Washington)

At Genki:
Enayla Cosplay will be one of three judges at the Genki Craftsmanship competition, who will decide who should be awarded one of our many prices, including the qualification for the Nordic Cosplay Championships. Furthermore, Enayla Cosplay will be present at the Meet-The-Judges panel, and co-host a Worbla workshop. Sign-ups for the workshop coming soon

How many years have you been cosplaying?
I’ve been cosplaying for almost eight years now.

How were you introduced to cosplay?
My mother is a visual artist and father is a comic book fan, so our family vacation one year was to San Diego Comic Con. I saw so many beautiful costumes from a bunch of games/movies/shows that I’m a huge fan of, and thought it was just the greatest way to show appreciation for these beloved characters. I bought an old sewing machine from a garage sale, taught myself to sew through trial and error, and knocked out my first cosplay soon after!

What is your greatest achievement as a cosplayer?
My GLaDOS cosplay was my ‘impossible dream’ costume for quite a few years, so I’m quite proud of finally completing it. I loved the character and knew I wanted to tackle the cosplay at some point, but it took a lot of brainstorming to work out the logistics for a robot character hanging from the ceiling. I built a structure and custom harness, and suspended myself upside down (anything for accuracy, right?). It was by far the most intense engineering challenge I’ve ever tackled, and I’m as surprised as everyone else that I didn’t fall flat on my face!

What is your favorite convention memory?
My best con memories have been meeting the voice actors/writers/developers behind a character I was cosplaying. It’s the most gratifying feeling to have someone involved in creating the character light up when they see it recreated in real life.

In your opinion, what is the the greatest thing about cosplay?
It’s all about the community for me. Cosplayers are some of the most welcoming, supportive people who are constantly helping each other with their work. I also love that I can go to a convention and immediately identify others who are into the same games and fandoms as I am – it’s how I’ve met some of my closest friends.

Which of your costumes is your favorite?
My favorite at the moment is my Orrian armor set from Guild Wars 2. It’s the costume I keep going back to and improving upon (adding new details, weapons, and accessories) and the one I’m most satisfied with. And, of course, it’s always fun to play a badass warrior for a day!

Do you have a dream costume?
I’m currently in the process of building one of my dream costumes, a Golem from Guild Wars 2. As a tiny 5’3″ individual, I’ve been wanting to tackle a really huge build and push myself working with new materials. A nine-foot-tall robot fits both those criteria, with the additional bonus that the character has great dialogue and mannerisms.

What are you looking forward to when coming to Denmark to Genki?
This will be my first time to Europe, and I’m excited to meet everyone! I’ve had the chance to chat with so many international cosplayers and fans on various social media, but I can’t wait to see them in person and oggle over everyone’s amazing costumes.